Hello I am Penelope, thanks for coming by. Please have a seat, dinner is served!

Cooking… always a big love of mine. Preparing dishes, brainstorming creative ways to use ingredients, tasting and perfecting. Such an adventure of the senses. Firsts things first though, how did I end up here writing an intro about me.

I grew up on the island of Crete, cooking side by side with my grandmother. I can still picture us in her humble kitchen, her eyes lighting up as she taught me to gently roll out the dough for homemade fyllo dough. It was magical to watch her transform plain ingredients like flour and butter into mouth watering and highly sought after sweet and savory treats. She shared so much love and passion not only for making food, but for making people very happy (and very, very full). I learned so much from her. I am grateful (and lucky) that she shared her passion for cooking with me.

Moving along in life, I found myself living in London. Exploring the city, one can find so many places to have a food affair. Yes it is an affair with no regrets! So many open food markets and top notch restaurants. This city buzzes with tasty treats around every corner. A great meal is just a tube ride and a phone call to a good friend away. Had many of those, enjoyed and laughed and always discovering very good food.

One chapter closed another one opened. Isn’t this always the case in life? Now I live in Dubai with my husband Rob and our baby boy.  I am excited to explore the many cuisines the area has to offer and have more food adventures here.

This past summer, I travelled to Boston – where Rob is from – and New York.  Visiting family and friends and sharing many delicious meals. New England in the summer is loaded with local and totally delicious fruits, vegetables and seafood.  I experimented a lot and loved it.  I look forward to recreating some of Rob’s favorite dishes at home in Dubai.

So this blog is about my love for creating good food. Sometimes its Greek, other times North American, with some guest star dishes from my wanderings along the way. But mainly its about quality ingredients, making dishes from scratch and getting my family and loved ones around the table to share food and love.